Recreation Sites and Trails Camping Fees

Managing Recreation Sites and Trails Fees:

Persons camping at a “Fee for Service” recreation site are required to pay a camping fee as per Section 22 of the Forest Recreation Regulations. A “fee” is determined by the District Recreation Officer as authorized by the RSTBC program and is collected by the operator (Agreement Holder or a designated Site Host) managing the sites. The fee is used to cover a level of maintenance and service of a sire (or trail). Maintenance activities are designed to ensure user safety, provide sanitary conditions, protect environment, ensure access and convenience, and maintain facilities and infrastructure throughout the operating/fee collection season. The maintenance standard is to provide a clean campground with clean campsite, toilet, fire rings, tables and provide other amenities so that a camper checks into a clean campsite. In addition, Fee for Service sites may include on-site supervision.

Current Fees can be found on our Fees and Discount Webpage.

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