• Single Site $15
  • Double Site $25
  • Triple Site $30
  • Weaver Lake Group Site $40
  • Wolf Lake Group Site $20
  • Wood Lake Group Site $20
  • Reservation Change Fee $7.00 per change (New 2017) charged for each change made to a reservation
  • Cancellation Fees outlined in our Reservation Policy
Category: Reservations

Chehalis River Rec Site, Chehalis River North Group Rec Site, Skwellepil Creek, Weaver Lake Rec Site, Weaver Lake Group Rec Site, Twenty Mile Bay Rec Site, Wolf Lake Group Rec Site, Wood Lake and Wood Lake Group Rec Site. We recommend reservations for all Group Sites as they are regularly booked. Up to 50 percent of sites are available for reservations for Chehalis River, Skwellepil Creek, Twenty Mile Bay and Weaver Lake. Wood Lake allows up to 100% reservations. These campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations will not be taken further than 30 days in advance and are not available less than 4 days prior to your arrival date.

Category: Reservations